Thursday, June 24, 2010

ALA Bound!

So I'm leaving for our nation's capital and ALA bright and early tomorrow morning. It feels like I'm booked solid, but really I've been semi-careful about not getting in too far over my head. I have lunch with a new colleague, dinner with some old colleagues, and I am leading my first ever committee meeting. Yeah, I may have taken on a little too much.

But hey! I'm going to check out Capital City Brewing on Saturday night to unwind from a day of meetings and be smug in the knowledge that Founders and Hopcat are WAY better (to say nothing of the Winchester, but that isn't a microbrewery, so I can't quite include it). I will probably not be blogging, but I will be pretty active over on Twitter (@epsyck) and on facebook. The funny thing is that even with a ton of meetings and other things that I'm responsible for taking care of, I'm most worried about how the cat is going to handle spending 5 days boarding with the vet. He's in good hands, but if the weather keeps getting stormy or if the cattery attendant is male, he's going to be very stressed...

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