Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 9

muddiest point - Maybe this is a little petty, but I don't see the point of having us learn basic HTML tags etc. if we're just going to use a page editing program to make our webpage. Since the code created by a page editing program is so involved that it's pretty illegible for someone with our skillset (or someone with my skillset) I don't quite see the point of introducing the code when we can't use it really.

Introduction to XML
-I'm pretty good at this computer stuff...but this article was over my head. I'm not a programmer so basically all I got out of this was that XML is great for databases.

Survey of XML Standards
-Wow...I had trouble navigating this webpage...let alone understanding the information in it. I do appreciate that he points out that XML is really tough for new users though...

XML Schema Tutorial
-Right off the bat - I don't really understand XML so this document won't be helpful to me. That being said, there are a few real life examples which make me kind of sort of understand what's going on (if you order 5 gross laser printers instead of 5 - your software would catch that was one of them)

Wow. XML = completely over my head.


Elise said...

Yes, at this point we probably aren't going to write a page from scratch, however it could be useful to know the code is there. Still I doubt that I will ever use this information.

jean said...

I felt similar--I'm not going to be using this, right? However, it was good to know it is there, what it is, etc. With that mindset, then, I could read the article and be okay with it--just follow along and see what people can do with this, without trying to memorize it in detail to be able to use it.

April Mintschenko said...

I really felt like the last set of readings about HTML I could follow a little and felt like I understood the material. This set of readings is way over my head as well. It is nice to know that you have a basic understanding of what code is and what it can do - but to me XML is a course, not a class period. People that use XML on a regular basis will feel differently, I'm sure.

sr. becky said...

I agree with your comments about XML and it being hard to understand. It too was way over my head. It reminds me a little bit of visual basic. It took me hours to write a very simple command code. When I finally figured it out I was very excited, I think the guys in the class thought I was crazy. Hopefully I’ll have luck with XML

Jacqui Taylor said...

I feel completely in the same boat as you with XML being way over my head. I can see in a year (given my current schedule) having a solid handle on HTML, but it feels like another big leap up to add XML to my skillset.

J. Dustin Williams said...

I think XML is pretty hard to understand too, unless you have an actual use for it.

I also can understand why learning HTML is unnecessary, but in my experience it is very helpful to know it even when using a visual page editor. If nothing else, it lets you fix things that you cannot get the editor to do right.