Tuesday, October 7, 2008

week 8 notes/muddiest point

HTML Tutorial
- I don't think I've coded in HTML since middle/high school (my web design career was killed by a well timed cease and desist letter from J.K. Rowling's lawyers...no really, it was). That being said, this was a nice little tutorial - tough to read from beginning to end in one sitting (lots of info) but super clear and well written.

HTML Cheatsheet
- I'm probably more likely to actually refer back to this than I am the whole tutorial. Clear, simple, concise.

CSS Tutorial
- I don't really have any experience with css, although I've seen it as an option on a number of websites that I've done mini designs for. This is one that I really have to go back and read more about this - as good as the html tutorial was, I think the css isn't quite as clear, probably because it's a bit more complicated.

Beyond HTML
- Basically this article looks at the challenges of creating/working with a CMS (content management system). It is actually fairly interesting to see the problems that were faced not only creating the system, but then migrating course guides to a different system (in this case from a non-uniform mishmash of front page created guides to a universal style sheet).

Muddiest Point
- Telnet: I know sort of what it is, I've even used it in the past, but I don't really understand how one works...Is it just two computers talking to eachother without really sending data, or do they send data, just in a slower/less secure manner?


Jen said...

Wow, a cease and desist letter! I had some copyrighted material on an old web page that I made in 1997. When I made it I had no idea about the idea of copyright, I was in High School. Within the past year or two I deleted the pages, when I started to get worried that I would get a letter in the mail.

Joy said...

The J.K. Rowling Story sounds interesting. I thought that the tutorials were very helpful. I had never looked at designing a web page before. (When I was earning my BS degree the only computers available used DOS. There was no Widows, etc. No one had a computer in their dorm room.) I liked how you could change the examples and see the effect throughout this tutorial. I also liked the CSS tutorial. Sometimes further information is not revealed until you've become frustrated with the first. I'm looking forward to designing my first web page!

Nicole Plana said...

Haha, I would really like to hear the rest of the J. K. Rowling story! I actually hadn't used HTML before this class, but I'm really glad that something is making me learn it!

Do you have other experience with web design?