Thursday, October 2, 2008

week 7 notes

Google Video
- I have a couple friends who work for google, so this video hasn't really told me much that I didn't already know, but can I just say how awesomely amazing the images were that demonstrated google usage? That globe with the searches by language were so darn amazing. And I have to laugh that they're introducing adsense in part of this video - one of my best friends/former roommates is doing a 3 month adsense training right now in their Boston office.

Dismantling Integrated Library Systems
- I found this article particularly interesting because of all the experience I've had with ILS as a patron. On the one hand, it has been very convenient to be able to access everything (well almost) through one portal -- on the other hand everyone knows that these programs are never quite as good as they seem on paper. I'm very interested in the idea of companies developing applications with the knowledge that they will be used with other firm's sofware. It will also be interesting to see how these companies adapt to the changing environment and how many go out of business.

How Stuff Works - internet infrastructure
- One of my biggest tech geek secrets has always been that while I am an internet wizard and have been using it for literally almost all my life (we got the internet when I was 5...yup...early dad works for the state of NY) - I was never really clear on how it worked. This article went a long way in explaining it to me which I think is very important.

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sr. becky said...

I think it would be neat to have friends who worked for Google or another internet company. Just to hear and have someone explain some of the working behind the scenes happenings when problems arise. I didn’t grow up with computers, so my experience with them is very limited. I get very frustrated when things go wrong and have no backup.
I feel I’m learning a lot, but have a long way to go before I feel like an expert with this technology.