Friday, September 26, 2008

week 6 notes

wikipedia LAN article
- I found this article fairly interesting. LANs are so ubiquitous these days that the actual history and inner workings of the network are fun to look at. I wish they had gone a little more into the real life uses of LANs like home wireless networks.

wikipedia computer network article
- this is basically a large overview of the various types of networks and their uses. I found it to be a lot less useful than it could have been since the article didn't go into much detail on most of the sections.

youtube video
- I didn't quite see the point of this one...the man in the video didn't say anything that wasn't dealt with in the other articles and on top of it he said it in a really silly accent.

muddiest point
-So if ASCII could only handle roman/english characters...what did people who used any other alphabet do? I know the ability to use non-roman character sets has been something that many people have been pushing for in other countries (I lived in Russia for a bit and there was a lot discussion as to why the internet couldn't handle other languages in urls.

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Daqing said...

to handle other languages, please designed unicode schema for text encoding