Friday, August 29, 2008

Unit Two Readings

Moore's Law Video
Surprisingly, I actually found this helpful. Moore's law relates to the doubling effect with transistors - i.e. they will get half the size and half that size and smaller and smaller. This allows us to have tiny tech devices.

Moore's Law Wikipedia Article
Every two years, the numbers of transistors able to be placed on a chip doubles. Observed by the founder of Intel Gordon Moore in 1965. As the 'law' progresses, it becomes more and more expensive to continue the push towards smaller and smaller transistors. Officially only relates to semiconductors, but is used to refer to almost all tech. predictions of doubling productivity/halving size. The fulfillment of Moore's Law does not directly translate into a comparable rise in computer abilities/speed.

Computer Hardware Wikipedia Article
A basic introduction to the various parts of a personal computer, as well as various peripherals and networking tools. very basic.

Computer History Museum
Various exhibits on the history of computers, the internet, and Moore's law. The timelines are actually quite interesting, if, again, a bit basic.

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